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License for outdoor Advertisement

1. Submission of an application letter to the Municipal Chief Executive

2. The following relevant documents shall be submitted for processing of the license 

  • Company certificate of incorporation/commencement of business
  • Business Operating Permit (BOP) –Companies Operating within OfMA’s Jurisdiction
  • Applicant operating outside OfMA shall present evidence of BOP from operating MMDA’s
  • List of proposed locations and photo montage of the area(s) (Google Map of the proposed area(s)) and a site plan of the area(s) as well as GPS Coordinates.
  • Copies of architectural designs and structural drawings of proposed billboard(s) and signage(s) endorsed by a certified architect or an engineer.
  • Evidence of insurance cover
  • Evidence of a written consent (clearance) from the property owner (if proposed site is on a private property)

3. An applicant pays a non-refundable application processing fee determined by fixing resolution of the Assembly. Officers in charge shall inform the applicant of any corrections to be made (if any) and propose a date for the site inspection.

4. Application forms duly completed by applicant(s) shall be submitted to the Officer in charge at the Works Department with the Receipt of payment of the non-refundable fee

5. The Advert Officer would process the application within 10 working days upon recommendation of the technical team

6. All approvals (permits) or otherwise shall be communicated to applicant(s) by the Advert Officer within a month.

7. Applicant(s) shall pay an approved permit fee to the Assembly as indicated in the approval letter

8. Applicant(s) shall pay an approved Annual Renewal Fee(s) to the Assembly.

9. Applicant(s) shall mount the approved billboard(s) and signage(s) under the Monitoring of the Advert Officer.

10. The supervision of construction shall be the responsibility of the consultant (Certified architect or structural/civil engineer) of the applicant (for signage 50m2 and above).

NB: All fees (Submission, Approval and Annual Renewal fee(s)) shall be determined based on the Assembly’s Fee-Fixing Resolution.