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The Oforikrom Municipal Assembly has welcomed its new Coordinating Director in the person of Mr. Charles Atta Mensah, -following transfers from the Office of The Head of Local Government Service, - as the new Municipal Coordinating Director for the Assembly.

Mr Charles Mensah succeeds Mr. Justice Amoah, to become the third Municipal Coordinator Director (MCD) for the Assembly since it became a Municipality about three years ago.

At a colourful staff durbar organised at the forecourt of the Assembly, Mr. Mensah was formerly introduced to the entire staff and this also afforded the new Director the opportunity to familiarize himself with his new team and as well share his expectations with them.

Addressing the staff, Mr. Mensah recounted that, when it was announced to him that he had been transferred to the Municipality, he shuddered a little since Oforikrom happens to be his native land. However, he was quick to add that despite the impediment that he felt he may encounter being surrounded by some relatives; he still remains resolute in the performance of his duties.

Furthermore, he stated that, in spite of being sociable, when it comes to the execution of ones’ duties and obligations; it is devoid of friendship because at the end of the day he wants results.

The MCD further pleaded for cooperation among staff to effectively carryout the administrative affairs of the assembly as according to him, whatever commendation that is conferred on the assembly is as well conferred on all staff because it is their collective efforts that has earned them such honour.

He stressed on the need for the entire staff to be time conscious and punctual. He urged them to report to work on time and as well close from the office at the appropriate time. He admonished the staff to take the signing of the attendance book seriously, as such diligent acts could be one’s “saviour” in unforeseen circumstances.

In addition to the above, he impelled the staff to maintain secrecy in the office as not all issues are for public consumption. To him, it is essential that issues are resolved indoors to allow peace to reign.

Mr. Mensah in his concluding statement emphasised the need to respect each other irrespective of position or age, “we are here as one family and whatever that happens affects all consequently, the need to respect all persons” he noted.

In an open forum, issues related to salaries, mechanisation, welfare among others came up for redress and assurance.