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Department of Works

The works department is made up of four (4) sections comprising Building, Water and Sanitation and Road and Advert



The Building section sees to the implementation of social infrastructure within the Municipality. It is made up of Development Control and Estate units. The Development Control unit under the section carried out inspection at the various communities within the Municipality and give technical advices to developers. It also ensure that, at every stage of development, Technical officer visit site to inspect and give technical advice to developers. This section sees to halt unauthorized developments within the Municipality.



The section has a core mandate of facilitating and /or providing safe and related sanitation services to communities  within the Municipality and promotion of hygiene. Specifically, the section is also responsible: providing technical advice on construction and maintenance of water supply and sanitation facilities



The section is responsible  for all un-engineered and engineered roads and cleaning of culverts/unlined within Municipality.



The section sees erection of new sign posts and also ensures the existing ones do follow the technical advice given them to ensure visibility to of drivers and pedestrians. It also ensure that, before a new Billboard is mounted, Technical officers visit the said site to inspect and give technical advice to Advertiser. This section makes sure that new billboard is been mounted at the exact place given to Advertisers by officers. This section also helps in generating revenue from Advertising Companies within the Municipality