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Department of Social Welfare and Community Development (DSWCD)


To take lead in integrating the disadvantaged, vulnerable and excluded in mainstream of development.

The SWCD Department work in partnership with individuals, families, groups and communities to improve their social wellbeing through their active participation in promoting development with equity.


  1. Facilitate the mobilization of available human and material resources to improve the living standards of individuals, groups, families and communities within an effectively decentralized system of administration.
  2. Prevent and respond to social exclusion and mal adjustment within the context of national and sub national development efforts.

The Department of Social Welfare and Community Development operate on two sections or units namely; Social Welfare Unit and Community Development. Below is the organogram and general functions of the department.




Social Welfare and Community Development Department (Head)






Social Welfare Section






Community Development Section



Child Right Promotion Unit


Justice Administration Unit


Community Care Unit




Adult Education Unit


Home Science Extension /Local Economic Development Unit


Extension Services Unit



  1. Facilitate community-based rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.
  2. Assist and facilitate provision of community care services including:
  1. registration of persons with disabilities
  2. assistance to the elderly
  3. personal social welfare services
  4. hospital welfare services
  5. assistance to street children, child survival and development and
  6. socio-economic and emotional stability in families.
  1. Assist to maintain specialized residential services in the districts.
  2. Facilitate the registration and supervision of non-governmental organizations and their activities in the district.
  3. Justice administration – assist children and adults in contact and conflict with the law.
  4. Register and supervise early childhood development centers.
  5. Assist to organize community development programmes to improve and enrich standard of living through:
  1. organizing literacy and adult education programme.
  2. mobilizing voluntary contributions and communal labour for the provision of facilities and services such as water, schools, library, community centers and public places of convenience.
  3. teaching deprived women in home management and child care.
  4. offering employable and sustainable skills training programme.
  5. promoting and providing alternative livelihood empowerment skills for the deprived in the communities.
  6. promoting entrepreneurial skills, business support services and linkages to financial institutions to beneficiaries of skills training programme.
  7. mobilizing and training voluntary leaders and community-based organizations as change agents in the communities.
  1. Providing extension services to governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  2. Facilitating the roll out of the Child Protection tool kits through community and engagement and dialogue.


List of Services Rendered at the Department are;

  • Identify and register persons living with disabilities (PWDS)
  • Registration / monitoring of day care centres.
  • Registration / monitoring of NGOs.
  • Handles domestic violence cases and spousal abuse.
  • Facilitate the implementation of the livelihood empowerment against poverty (LEAP) activities.
  • Counsel persons living with disability (PWD) and their families.
  • Monitor social intervention programmes. E.g., school feeding programme, gender activities etc.
  • Protect children from child abuse.
  • Community sensitization and mobilization.
  • Women empowerment.
  • Registration and supervision of residential homes for children.
  • Registration of NHIS for indigents (PWD, aged, extremely poor etc.)
  • Etc.




Call :0506808917


Issues Concerning:

  1. Domestic violence and spousal abuse  
  2. Child abuse/neglect
  3. Disability
  4. Defilement 
  5. Child marriage 


The Department look forward in working with other stakeholders and partners in areas of social development to promote the social wellbeing of the people in the Municipality.