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About Us

The Oforikrom Municipal Assembly established under the legislative Instrument L.I 2291 of 2017 and subsequently inaugurated  on 15th March,2018 . This was aimed at ensuring an effective local governance administrative system and drawing  the citizenry closer to government



"Nimdeɛ ne mpontuo" (Knowledge and Development)



To create an enabling environment for the development of all inhabitants in the Municipality while preserving the natural environment.



To be a model of decentralized governance that manifests inclusive development decision making fully funded by own resources in Ghana.


Core Values: The Municipality, in its quest to achieve overall development of its inhabitants shall adhere to, but not limited to the following core values: integrity; selflessness; justice and fairness; accountability; transparency and excellence.  



The functions of the Assembly as given by the Local Governance Act 936, 2016 section 12 is as follows.

  • Exercise political and administrative authority in the district
  • Be responsible for the overall development of the district;
  • Formulate and execute plans, programmes and strategies for the effective mobilization of the resources necessary for the overall development of the district;
  • Promote and support productive activity and social development in the district and remove any obstacles to initiative and development;
  • Sponsor the education of students from the district to fill particular manpower needs of the district especially in the social sectors of education and health, making sure that the sponsorship is fairly and equitably balanced between male and female students;
  • Initiate programmes for the development of basic infrastructure and provide municipal works and services in the district;
  • Be responsible for the development, improvement and management of human settlements and the environment in the district;
  • In co-operation with the appropriate national and local security agencies, be responsible for the maintenance of security and public safety in the district;
  • Ensure ready access to courts in the district for the promotion of justice;
  • Act to preserve and promote the cultural heritage within the district;
  • Initiate, sponsor or carry out studies that may be necessary for the discharge of any of the duties conferred by this Act or any other enactment.