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Management of the Oforikrom Municipal Assembly has organize a staff durbar, at the Assembly’s forecourt.

The durbar which was moderated by the Head of Human Resources, Mrs. Pearl Bampoe was to engage the staff on the general performance of the Assembly as well as their challenges. The meeting also saw health practitioners who engaged the staff on health related issues.

Addressing the staff, Dr. Hanson Asare, a pharmacist, reiterated the need for proper dosage of medications and the complications of self-medications. He advised staff to take precautions with regards to drug intake and insist on the right dosage as well time intervals when combining drugs, “…unless otherwise stated kindly leave at least one hour interval before taking a different drug” he added.

He also touched on the need for the staff to do periodic checkups. This, he believes will help the staff detect pending illness and subsequently take the necessary measures to prevent it.

The Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Charles Attah-Mensah, opened the forum for staff to share some contributions as well as challenges that affected their performance the previous year.

Some staff shared vital issues facing the assembly with key of them being the slow completion of the new assembly block. They asserted that it’s been long overdue for the completion of the assembly block and that management should do all that they can to see to its completion.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Abraham Antwi responding to some of the issues raised, gave the assurance of facilitating the completion of the block taking into cognizance the interest of the Minister for Local Government, Decentralization and Rural Development (MLGRD) in the matter.

He thanked the staff for their unflinching support to see the actualization of the assembly. ‘I want to thank you all for your enormous effort to making sure the municipal see its fruition. I will urge you all to do even better.’ He said.