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Meet The 200 Years Baobab Tree

Nature is everything one needs for relaxation, a feel of life and soothing to life on earth. Some creations make the world a better place.

Get to meet this Baobab tree and fall in love with nature. This tree is 200 years. It is situated at Ayeduase within the Oforikrom Municipality of the Ashanti region. This tree is huge and full of life.

One Nana Bekoe of blessed memory is said to have planted the tree which normally is seen in the Northern sector of the country.

 The tree has its seeds used for oil production according to its current care taker, Asafo Boakye Yiadom. He indicated “we once had a student coming for some of the seeds for oil production. Sometimes we have some visitors coming to have a glimpse of the tree”.

Meanwhile, the bark of the Baobab tree is also used for medicinal purposes. The residents troop there to get some barks of the tree and use as medicine.

 Though it is currently serving only as a shade, it could serve as a tourist site if given the needed attention.

Get there and catch a glimpse of this beautiful tree and you would love it.