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KNUST Botanical Garden and why you need to be there

There is always a time one would have to pamper the body by way of relaxation and change of environment. Touring amusing places is highly recommended in such circumstances.

Sometimes, all one need is a visit to a place that would enable him/her appreciate the beauty of nature as well as a serene environment just to release some stress.

 The Ashanti region can boast of many tourist sites. One of these is the KNUST Botanical Garden which can be found in the Oforikrom Municipal Assembly of the Ashanti region.

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Botanical Garden is a beautiful place. It is situated in the hub of the university. The site can boast of beautiful trees, a stream that tells the story of Okomfo Anokye who was a powerful priest of the Ashanti Kingdom.

 Footprints of the priest can be seen on some of the rocks in a stream, making it a delight to be there. This stream (Wewe River) can be found in the botanical garden. The footprint tells the story of how Okomfo Anokye was heading to claim the antidote to death.

It is in history that the powerful priest had wanted to stop death from occurring thus, embarked on a journey to obtain the keys to death. He was therefore heading to the destination to execute that task when on reaching the Wewe River, his slippers got stuck.

The river then took his slippers away. History has it that, he then cursed the river and moved on to his destination of which he never returned. These foot prints can clearly be spotted on some rocks in the stream. This can only be found at the KNUST botanical garden in the Oforikrom Municipality.

Various species of animals such as bats, butterflies, fishes and some others also make the place a must be.

The botanical garden also has various structures for cooling and relaxation. Its serene environment makes it a better place to consider. A visit there will give one the experience of what nature has for us. You need to be there to feel what is in the pictures below.